Visqueen’s BBA approved Damp Proof Membrane for use on commercial and domestic applications

Visqueen High Performance DPM – BBA Approved –  is Visqueen’s superior grade Damp Proof Membrane manufactured from prime virgin polymers for use as a Type “A” damp proof membrane as defined by BS EN 13967: 2012.


The Visqueen High Performance DPM is yellow in colour and available centre folded in 4m x 12.5m x 500um roll format.

The 500μm membrane is manufactured as a centre folded product to limit creases which aids jointing and welding applications on site. Centre folded films can also help to reduce cracks found in structural concrete screeds where traditional multi-folded DPMs are used.

This DPM is:

  • Made from tough co-polymer thermoplastic
  • Ideal for use on high rise & commercial heavy duty RC slabs
  • Built to withstand high levels of foot traffic & heavy equipment
  • Centre folded to reduce the risk of cracks in screed
  • BBA Certified

Visqueen High Performance DPM is suitable for applications such as heavy duty raft foundations, steel reinforced slabs etc. where a durable, robust and high puncture resistant membrane is required.

Visqueen High Performance DPM can be used for concrete floors in domestic and commercial (schools, hospitals leisure, shopping centres etc.) applications, in accordance with clause 11 of CP 102:1973, where there may be capillary rise of moisture but not where it may be subject to hydrostatic pressure. If such a circumstance arises, Visqueen Tanking Membranes should be used.

The following items are available to view online or to download from

  • Technical Datasheets
  • Typical installation
  • CAD details
  • Health and Safety data

Why specify HP DP? – click here for more information.

For advice on detailing or installation call Visqueen Building Products Technical Help Line 0845 302 4758.

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