Visqueen Gas Barrier receives updated BBA Certification

We are pleased to announce that they have received their renewed BBA Certification for the Visqueen Gas Barriers.


Visqueen Building Products Gas Barrier has achieved re certification due to it being retested in line with the new requirements to BS8485:2015. The Visqueen Gas Barriers meet the standards outlined in the BS8485:2015 document and has also passed BS ISO 15105-1, which is the methane permeability testing that these products must pass.

The Certificate relates to Visqueen Gas Barrier, a gas barrier and damp-proof membrane, for use in concrete ground floors above and below slabs not subject to hydrostatic pressure, to protect the building against moisture, radon, methane and carbon dioxide from the ground.

The key factors of the Gas Barriers which were assessed are, the resistance to water vapour, resistance to underground gases, resistance to puncture and the overall durability of the Gas Barrier.

The assessment found that the membrane provides an effective barrier to the passage of water vapour from the ground, the membrane is also capable of restricting the ingress of radon, methane and carbon dioxide gases into the building which it is used within.

The resistance to puncture and overall durability was also assessed, the membrane has a high resistance to puncture and on a smooth or blinded surface will not be damaged by foot or site traffic and the durability will remain effective.

Phil Bull, Commercial Director of Visqueen Building Products said:

“We are pleased announce that our Gas Barriers meet the criteria outlined in last year’s changes to key standards such as BS8485:2015. At Visqueen Building Products we continually strive to be the market leader in the supply of gas protection systems, and in terms of capability and compliance with the latest legislation, the Visqueen Gas Barrier offering really is the only choice in gas protection systems!”

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