Visqueen Building Products’ BIM objects now available via the NBS National BIM Library

We are proud to announce the launch of 26 BIM objects which are now accessible to architects and other specifiers via the NBS National BIM Library

Visqueen BIM

The NBS National BIM Library is the fastest growing BIM library in the UK and contains thousands of generic and manufacturer BIM objects from leading UK and global manufacturers.  BIM objects are construction product information presented in a 3D format. They are available to download free of charge and are authored by NBS technical experts.

A total of 26 BIM objects from us are now available via the NBS National BIM Library. Full product specification and information can also be downloaded from our corporate website here.

Our BIM objects have been created to comply with the NBS BIM Object Standard, a global standard providing high quality BIM objects by providing a common data set to drive collaboration and consistency.

The NBS National BIM Library provides an extensive range of mechanical and electrical generic objects. Selecting BIM objects is fast and simple and they can be dragged and dropped directly into your model. No other BIM library can match the content on NBS National BIM Library.

Phil Bull, Commercial Director of Visqueen Building Products said:

““We are extremely pleased to have our Visqueen BIM objects available to access through our website and we are confident that it will enable us to continue supporting construction professionals, from specification to completion.”

Visqueen Building Products’ BIM objects include:

·         Visqueen Ecomembrane®

·         Visqueen DPM To PIFA Standard

·         Visqueen FB Vapour Barrier

·         Visqueen GX Geomembrane

·         Visqueen High Performance DPM

·         Visqueen Polyethylene DPC

·         Visqueen Protect & Drain

·         Visqueen Urban Drainage Geomembrane

·         Visqueen HP Vapour Barrier

·         Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane

·         Visqueen Vapour Barrier

·         Visqueen Vapour Check

·         Visqueen Gas Barrier

·         Visqueen GX Hydrocarbon DPC

·         Visqueen Radon Membrane

·         Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane

·         Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane

·         Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

·         Visqueen Geocomposite Drainage And Venting Mat

·         Visqueen GX Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier

·         Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane (SAM)

·         Visqueen High Performance Radon Membrane

·         Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane

·         Visqueen Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane

·         Visqueen Gas Resistant TorchOn Tanking Membrane

·         Visqueen High Performance Urban Drainage Geomembrane

·         Hanson Aquaflow SC Membrane

To learn more about our market leading technical support service when specifying your next structural water proofing project, contact Visqueen and we’ll help you throughout every stage of your scheme, from specification to installation.

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