The Visqueen EcoMembrane – DPMs suitable for use below concrete floor

Visqueen EcoMembrane is a recycled damp proof membrane with full BBA and CE mark certifications, for proven protection against damp ingress in buildings.


Visqueen EcoMembrane DPM is manufactured from 100% recycled polythene and forms part of our standard damp proofing protection range. Suitable for use on domestic and light commercial builds, EcoMembrane is black or blue in colour and is supplied in convenient multi folded rolls. Available in 250μm, 300μm and 500μm thicknesses. The DPM is

The Visqueen EcoMembrane DPM is suitable for use below concrete floors where there may be capillary rise of moisture but not where it may be subject to hydrostatic pressure. In such a circumstance, Visqueen Tanking Membranes should be used. Where there is a risk that the ground may be waterlogged, sub-soil drainage in accordance with CP 102 and BS 8102 should be provided.

For jointing adjacent sheets of Visqueen DPM, DPM to DPC and DPC to DPC, the Visqueen Jointing System should be used. To complete the approved system Visqueen advises use of the following components when installing the membrane:

  • VisqueenPro Double Sided Jointing Tape
  • VisqueenPro Single Sided Jointing Tape
  • Visqueen TreadGUARD1500
  • Visqueen Zedex CPT DPC
  • Visqueen Top Hat Units

Please click here to view typical joint detail.

The following items are available to view online or to download from

  • Technical Datasheets
  • Typical installation
  • CAD details
  • Health and Safety data

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For advice on detailing or installation call Visqueen Building Products Technical Help Line 0845 302 4758.

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