The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh open Battle of Britain Memorial Trust ‘The Wing’

Her Majesty, accompanied by her husband HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh, visited the National Memorial to the Few in Capel-le-Ferne to open The Wing building, dedicated to Churchill’s famous “Few” who fought in the skies overhead to keep this country free from invasion.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh open Battle of Britain Memorial Trust ‘The Wing’On Thursday 26th March, The Queen opened the new visitor centre near Folkestone before unveiling statues at Canterbury Cathedral to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Situated on the famous white cliffs between Dover and Folkestone in Kent, The Wing Memorial site is dedicated to Churchill’s “Few” who fought in the skies overhead to keep the country free from invasion.

Visqueen Building Products are extremely proud to have supplied products to the stunning and emotive build of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust project ‘The Wing’.

The Spitfire inspired development, aptly named ‘The Wing’ provides a high-tech, immersive experience and learning centre for visitors to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust at the Capel-le-Ferne site.

During the preliminary stages of the build, the Visqueen team provided technical knowledge and expertise in specifying the correct damp protection system in accordance with building regulations. Products supplied to EPPS included:

  • Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane used above the RC slab as a high performance DPM. It was selected due to its ability to resist water tracking between the cement and the membrane
  • Zedex CPT High Performance DPC together with Zedex Jointing Tape used to make the cavity trays and Zedex was also used as a horizontal DPC
  • Zedex High Bond DPC used to waterproof the curved wall of the build and was also used at complex conjunctions
  • Visqueen Torch On Tanking Membrane used on the vertical blockwork on the curved wall and was homogenously sealed to the High Bond DPC
  • Visqueen HP Tanking Primer used on all concrete and blockwork substrates prior to membranes being installed.

What did the project involve? As part of the project, Visqueen High Bond DPC was heat bonded to the Curved primed Slab Edge.

Once the block work was built off the High Bond Damp Proof Course the team at EPPS were able to tank the external side of the vertical block work in vertical strips with 100mm side laps.

This allowed the tanking to follow the curve & offer superb protection compared to any loose lay Polymeric system or paint on system.

Heat bonded membrane laps provide far superior protection from water ingress compared to self-adhesive membranes because the laps are homogenously sealed which means that the product becomes one & forms a complete barrier.

Another advantage of High Bond DPC is the SBS content in the Bitumen & the Polyester carrier. SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) can allow slight movement of the structure without failure of the membrane. The product expands and contracts with the building.

Small holes & slits can self-heal which is ideal should a brick layer catch the DPC with his trowel as the work proceeds. Once the DPC and Cavity Tray were installed, the Visqueen Self Adhesive DPM was installed above the primed RC slab on the inside in a controlled environment as the roof & walls could all be completed b-4 this process was adopted.

Visqueen High Bond DPC can be Pre-heated prior to application of the DPM which gives a semi homogenous seal to resist tracking water through this critical junction. Visqueen SAM is 1.5mm thick which offer superior protection to Visqueen loose lay DPMs and as this fully bonds to the primed concrete slab stops water tracking between the DPM & slab.

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