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Visqueen Radon Membrane used at radon affected housing development site

Visqueen Radon Membrane has been installed at a new housing development in Toton, near Nottingham; it has been installed to ensure effective protection against the ingress of harmful radon gas.Radon barrier

House & Home Improvements has been commissioned to build two detached houses with a footprint of 12m x 12m each. However, the site on which the houses are being built has been classed as situated in a Radon affected area.

BRE Regulations state that reasonable precautions should be put in place to avoid danger to health and safety caused by contaminants on or in the ground covered.

The level of risk differs across the country according to local geology. The main source of guidance on the risks and solutions is BRE Report BR 211. It includes maps for determining the need for radon protection, as well as detailed information on construction solutions.

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