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Pile Cap waterproofing with Visqueen GX Flexi HC Barrier

Pile Cap waterproofingVisqueen Pile Cap Sealer is a specialised formulation for use within ground pile caps. The system can be used in basements as described in BS8102:2009.

When applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals react with the free lime and moisture within the concrete to form in depth, insoluble crystals which fill and block all capillaries, fissures, pores and minor cracks within the concrete; effectively making the concrete watertight for the lifetime of the structure.

In this video we demonstrate how to apply Visqueen Pile Cap Sealer and Visqueen Waterstops to a concrete pile.

The tools of the trade required for this installation are; a bucket of fresh water, an emulsion paint brush, a water dispenser, a pair of disposable protective gloves for the water stop installation and a low speed drill for the mixing process. Continue reading