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Update to Visqueen Gas Venting Specification Tool

The hazards of ground gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be taken into account when designing and constructing developments on gas contaminated land. The Visqueen Gas Venting Guide has been updated to include information on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hydrocarbons, including the protective measures required as determined by CIRIA 716.

gas venting guide

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are commonly found on land affected by contamination in the UK, at concentrations that result in the need for remediation and risk mitigation measures to be carried out to manage the potential risks to people.

Whist there has been a broadening in the range and complexity of remediation and risk mitigation techniques over the past few years, there is a lack of guidance specifically aimed at remediation and mitigation of risks arising from VOCs and Hydrocarbons.

Visqueen’s updated guidance is designed to provide architects, specifiers and other building professionals with a comprehensive information tool for understanding gas venting categorization and the protective measures required in relation to VOCs and Hydrocarbons. The aim is to remove the complexity of design and specification by providing a user friendly tool that presents detailed technical information in a clear, logical manner. Continue reading