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Damp Proofing Protection System Components which ensure effective jointing, continuity and protection

The following components are used within the Visqueen damp proofing protection systems to ensure effective jointing, continuity and protection. Separate datasheets relating to the damp proof membranes and courses are available.


  • Double Sided Jointing Tape
  • VisqueenPro Single Sided Jointing Tape
  • Rigid Preformed Pipe Sleeve (Top Hat) Unit
  • Flexible Preformed Pipe Sleeve (Top Hat) Unit
  • Heavy Duty Protection Board
  • Zedex DPC Jointing Tape
  • Zedex DPC Fixing Strip
  • Zedex DPC Fixing Pins for Masonry
  • Zedex DPC Fizing Pins for Insulation
  • Visqueen Detailing Strip
  • Visqueen HP Tanking Primer

Installation of damp proofing protection components:

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Prevent the ingress of damp with damp proofing protection systems

There are many environmental factors which can affect the long term performance of buildings, some of which can be controlled with the right preparations at the outset.

damp proofing

Visqueen Building Products is recognised as the leader in the development, production and supply of high quality construction related damp proof membranes (DPM) and courses (DPC). The Visqueen DPMs are used to prevent damp getting into the structure and fabric of the building by providing a physical barrier.

These DPMs are installed within a new build or building undergoing refurbishments, the DPMs are incorporated into the foundations at the start to prevent damp ingress from occurring. Continue reading