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Visqueen Building Products – part of RPC bpi recycled products – has launched a range of waterproofing liquid membranes that complies with all the latest changes in industry regulations while also meeting the precise needs of the company’s end-user base.

Visqueen Axiom liquid waterproofing range is the result of in-depth market research and a comprehensive development programme in the creation of a new advanced range which is suitable for multiple applications and gives superior performance over other solutions. It is also fully compatible with Visqueen’s full range of structural waterproofing products to provide a robust solution for specifiers and end-users. Continue reading

Visqueen Gas Barrier receives updated BBA Certification

We are pleased to announce that they have received their renewed BBA Certification for the Visqueen Gas Barriers.


Visqueen Building Products Gas Barrier has achieved re certification due to it being retested in line with the new requirements to BS8485:2015. The Visqueen Gas Barriers meet the standards outlined in the BS8485:2015 document and has also passed BS ISO 15105-1, which is the methane permeability testing that these products must pass.

The Certificate relates to Visqueen Gas Barrier, a gas barrier and damp-proof membrane, for use in concrete ground floors above and below slabs not subject to hydrostatic pressure, to protect the building against moisture, radon, methane and carbon dioxide from the ground.

The key factors of the Gas Barriers which were assessed are, the resistance to water vapour, resistance to underground gases, resistance to puncture and the overall durability of the Gas Barrier. Continue reading

Output for UK Construction industry falls in November 2015

According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, the output for the UK Construction Industry fell towards the end of last year. ‘Output’ is defined as the amount charged by construction firms to customers for the value of work (produced during the current reporting period) excluding payments to contractors and VAT.

Output for UK Construction industry falls in November 2015

The figures from the first half of 2015 indicated a positive outlook however a drop in output throughout summer and autumn extended into the winter months and resulted in a 1.1% decrease in output, the largest drop since May 2013.

There was an estimated decrease of 0.5% in Construction output in November 2015, compared with October 2015. Housing repair decreased by 0.2% while all new work was the largest contributor to decrease, by 0.7%. Overall figures for the output of the Construction Industry dropped by 1.1% compared to November 2014.

Construction output estimates are a short-term indicator of construction output by private sector and public corporations within Great Britain. Download the full report here. Continue reading