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UK Government unveils its updated £127 billion Construction pipeline

The Government have recently released their latest update of the £127 billion construction pipeline, rising in value by 10 per cent over the last six months, according to the latest official figures.

UK Government unveils its updated £127 billion Construction pipeline

Barbour API, the construction intelligence specialists, provided the pipeline which is designed to help businesses prepare for planned government-spending streams

Projects on the list include HS2, an £11 billion nuclear waste management facility and over £12 billion on education construction across the UK.

Simon Mahoney, Managing Director of Barbour ABI stated:

“The Government is construction’s single largest client, providing over 40% of annual spend in the UK, therefore it’s imperative that this publicly funded money is accessible and outlined clearly, allowing businesses to plan around the many thousands of projects within the construction pipeline. Here at Barbour ABI, we collect and collate the pipeline on behalf of the Government, helping to keep the industry up to date with the many developments.” Continue reading