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Strong start to second quarter for the construction industry

According to a recent report the latest figures from the ONS show that the construction sector in the UK grew by 1.2% between March and April 2014.


The figures have been compared with output levels from April last year and show an increase of 4.6%; it is therefore further evidence of the improving performance of the sector and its impact on wider economic growth.

It is clear that the housing sector is the main component of growth within the industry; private housing has increased by 2.5% between March and April 2014 and 16.6% from the corresponding month in 2013. At the same time public housing, which is down from March, was 26.3% higher than last year.

The private commercial sector fell by 0.9% between March and April; however it is 1.0% higher than April last year. Infrastructure has also increase by 0.6% month on month; however it is still 7.6% lower than April 2013.

These figures highlight that the growth patterns within the industry are reliant on housing and broader improvements are needed to ensure a robust recovery. Continue reading