Stormwater Protection Systems – High Performance UDG

Visqueen High Performance UDG is a robust, high integrity membrane that has been specially designed and tested for use with underground stormwater storage crate systems, as well aspermeable paving systems.

Stormwater Protection Systems - High Performance UDG
Using the latest Zedex technology, the membrane is flexible, has high puncture and tear resistance and is suitable for non-smooth surfaces and factory prefabrication to optimise on-site installation.

  • Excellent flexibility in cold weather conditions
  • Wide temperature welding range
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Easy to handle roll size
  • Manufactured in the UK

Typical applications

Visqueen High Performance UDG is suitable for a range of applications including underground attenuation tank encapsulations, permeable paving systems, porous sub-base installations, containment and cut-off trenches.

Visqueen High Performance UDG is a chemically inert membrane that exhibits superior welding properties, making it ideal for on-site welding of joints. In certain applications the sealing of laps can be achieved using the Visqueen UDG Jointing Tape System. In these instances Visqueen UDG Double Sided Jointing Tape is applied approximately 50mm from the edge of the membrane. The next width of Visqueen High Performance UDG should then be overlapped. For effective jointing all laps should be a minimum of 150mm. The lap should be secured with Visqueen GR Single Sided Lap Tape.

When ambient temperatures drop below 10°C, the components of the Visqueen Jointing Tape System should be kept in a warm, dry place until needed. Membrane installation using this technique is not recommended below 5°C. Always ensure that the membrane lap area is clean, dry and free from dust or contamination at the time of jointing.

Visqueen High Performance UDG should be installed on a blinded or smooth surface, free from sharp protrusions. Avoid areas of unsupported membrane. Adequate protection, such as Visqueen TreadGUARD1500 or 300, should be applied over the membrane to prevent damageafter installation.

For advice on detailing or installation call Visqueen Building Products Technical Help Line 0845 302 4758. Pricing & Availability may be obtained from our UK Network of merchant stockists. For details of these call our Sales Office on 0845 302 4758.

The following items are available to view online or to download from

  • Technical Datasheets
  • Typical installation CAD details
  • Health and Safety data

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