Sealing a Visqueen Vapour Barrier system in a timber frame application

Visqueen Vapour Barrier is used to omit the risk of interstitial condensation within a structure as well as improving the general airtightness of the building. In this video, we demonstrate how to seal a Visqueen Vapour Barrier System in a timber frame application.

The tools of the trade required for this are, a sharp knife or pair of scissors and an industrial staple gun with spare staples. To complete the job, you’ll need Visqueen Vapour Barrier, Visqueen Vapour Tape and Visqueen Vapour Edge Tape. For information about the components required, click here.

Visqueen Vapour Barrier

Firstly, take the Visqueen Vapour Barrier and position it at the top of the timber frame. Use the staple gun to staple through the barrier into the timber frame going horizontally across the top.

Visqueen Vapour Barrier 2

This will allow you to release the membrane so that it is hung, top to bottom. Take the staple gun and staple through the Vapour Barrier into the vertical timber frame uprights. Repeat this process for every vertical upright.

You will then need to staple through the barrier into the timber, going horizontally across the bottom of the frame. If you are using a vapour barrier above the floor insulation, ensure that sufficient material is left at the bottom of the timber frame to create a lap joint.

Now, taking your scissors or sharp knife, cut the membrane from the roll, repeat the entire process across the whole frame ensuring that you overlap the barrier on lap joints.

Visqueen Vapour Barrier 3

Now that the stapling process has been completed, you will need to seal the system with the Visqueen Vapour Tape range.

Position the Visqueen Vapour Tape over the staples ensuring that all staples and lap joints are covered and sealed.

Visqueen Vapour Barrier 4

Continue this process across each horizontal part of the frame and each of the uprights. When the Vapour Barrier meets a complex junction, such as a steel stanchion window or door opening, Visqueen Vapour Edge tape is required. The Vapour Edge tape seals from the vapour barrier onto the other building element. The system is now complete.

Visqueen Vapour Barrier 5

To watch the full demonstration of the Visqueen Vapour Barrier system installation, click here.

Products used in this demonstration:

Visqueen Vapour Barrier(CE Mark to EN 13984)

Visqueen Vapour Barrier restricts the passage of warm, moist air from within the building from permeating into the structure or the roof. It is commonly used within timber frame housing as well as commercial buildings. Visqueen Vapour Barrier is manufactured using virgin polyethylene.

  • Range suitable for all internal building conditions
  • Used within roof, wall and floor constructions
  • Reduces the likelihood of interstitial condensation
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Vapour resistance of  greater than 530 MNs/g
  • Supplied in single wound sheeting which reduces the risk of cracks in screed

Visqueen Vapour tapes

Our Vapour Tapes are manufactured using a valeron (foil laminate) material that contains a highly aggressive acrylic adhesive. This special adhesive coating provides superior performance when temperatures fall below zero, making it a proven, reliable solution for use in cold weather conditions. Visqueen Vapour Tape is 75mm x 15m and is used to seal lap joints in Visqueen Vapour Control Membranes.

Visqueen Vapour Edge Tape is 150mm x 15m and can be used on wood and masonry surfaces. It is designed to seal the membrane to perimeter edges, including complex junctions such as steel stations, window or door openings.

  • Super aggressive foil laminate adhesion
  • Performs effectively in sub-zero temperatures
  • Multi surface tape
  • Water vapour tight seal 

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Watch the installation video here.

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