Liquid Gas Membrane

Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane is a grey, one part elastomeric polymer modified
liquid that dries to form a black, flexible membrane.

Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane is used for providing damp proofing, gas proofing
or waterproofing for a range of applications, including:

  • Gas and damp proofing of solid concrete floors
  • Vertical gas and damp proofing of rendered brickwork and blockwork masonry walls
  • Gas and damp proofing of junctions with steel stanchions
  • Complex gas and damp proofing of detailing applications
  • Gas and waterproofing of basement structures and lift pits

View the datasheet here;

When designing structures incorporating Type A waterproofing protection as
classified in BS 8102: 2009 (Code of practice for protection of below ground
structures against water from the ground), the product is suitable for Grade 1, 2 and
3 structures.

Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane system is not designed for use as a gas or damp
proof course. Visqueen supply a range of products for this application; please
contact our technical sales office for further information.

Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane must not pass through structural zones such as pile
caps, pile tops and sheer walls where a concrete to concrete bond is required.

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