Getting to know the Visqueen GX Geomembrane

Visqueen GX Geomembrane is a high quality single layer HDPE membrane and is suitable for use as a barrier membrane on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons and methane.


Visqueen GX Geomembrane offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers against all levels of hydrocarbons (usually petroleum and oil based contaminants), methane, carbon dioxide and radon ingress. Typically these are sites previously used as petrol stations, coalfields, landfill sites or are contaminated industrial sites. The product is available in a variety of thicknesses for standard applications and can also be made to order to meet more tailored requirements where larger projects are concerned.

Due to the membrane’s high puncture and impact resistance the Visqueen GX Geomembrane generally requires no protective screed or boarding when laying reinforced concrete above it. The Visqueen GX Geomembrane is also suitable as a high performance damp proof membrane and is available in two thicknesses.

Visqueen manufacture and supply a variety of ground gas protection products, these include the:

The Visqueen GX system is suitable where hydrostatic pressure is present, however in this application the joints must be welded and not taped. The membrane should be installed on a blinded or smooth surface allowing adequate overlap for jointing between the sheets and avoiding bridging (i.e. areas of unsupported membrane). In areas where high levels of unsupported membrane occur it is recommended that Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane is used.

When medium to high levels of ground gases are present or when the generation of gases still occurs, then an open void beneath the ground floor should be constructed as ventilation beneath the ground floor will dilute and disperse the gases to atmosphere. Open voids are normally restricted to beam and block floors or other precast concrete floor systems. An alternative for providing ventilation to in situ concrete floor slabs is to install a Visqueen Ventilation System.

To ease specification issues, Visqueen has produced a product selector that responds to various and complex design challenges on gas contaminated lands.

Please also refer to the Visqueen Gas Protection Range flyer for an overview of our different gas solutions.

Geomembrane brochureOur range of solutions includes:

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