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Visqueen Building Products – part of RPC bpi recycled products – has launched a new range of Ultimate Gas membranes for protection against dangerous gases and chemicals, in compliance with the latest standards for building on brownfield or contaminated land.


Utilising Visqueen’s advanced barrier technology the new membranes are the result of an extensive R&D programme and testing regime to ensure the membranes are both the best in class and comply in particular with the exacting requirements of both BS8485:2015 and CIRIA C748. Continue reading

Visqueen Gas Barrier receives updated BBA Certification

We are pleased to announce that they have received their renewed BBA Certification for the Visqueen Gas Barriers.


Visqueen Building Products Gas Barrier has achieved re certification due to it being retested in line with the new requirements to BS8485:2015. The Visqueen Gas Barriers meet the standards outlined in the BS8485:2015 document and has also passed BS ISO 15105-1, which is the methane permeability testing that these products must pass.

The Certificate relates to Visqueen Gas Barrier, a gas barrier and damp-proof membrane, for use in concrete ground floors above and below slabs not subject to hydrostatic pressure, to protect the building against moisture, radon, methane and carbon dioxide from the ground.

The key factors of the Gas Barriers which were assessed are, the resistance to water vapour, resistance to underground gases, resistance to puncture and the overall durability of the Gas Barrier. Continue reading

Jointing a membrane to a preformed corner unit with Visqueen Gas Barrier

Building Regulations require proper precautions be taken to prevent danger to health and safety when building on contaminated land. Visqueen Gas Barrieroffers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against Methane, Radon, Stythe (a gas commonly found from disused mines, also known as blackdamp) and Carbon Dioxide; when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice such as BRE, CIRIA and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Ground Gas Handbook.

Visqueen Gas BarrierVisqueen Gas Barrier is a multi-layer reinforced polyethylene membrane with an integral aluminium foil that is approved for use in NHBC Amber 2 applications.

For ease of identification on site, Visqueen Gas Barrier is coloured blue on one side and silver on the other.

The barrier combines strength and performance with flexibility and easy installation. Visqueen Gas Barrier also acts as a damp proof membrane.

**Download the Visqueen Gas Barrier datasheet here**

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a joint using Visqueen Gas Barrier and a pre-formed 90 degree corner unit.

The tools required for this are, a roller with a neoprene wheel and a sharp knife or pair of scissors. To complete the job you will need Visqueen Gas Barrier, Visqueen double sided jointing tape, Visqueen Gas Barrier foil jointing tape (which is single sided) and the pre-formed 90 degree corner unit, which is reversible. Continue reading