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New survey published to see if industry is ready for BIM revolution

The technology of building information modelling is going to transform the construction industry and affect the jobs of every discipline involved in creating and sustaining the built environment—including structural engineers.

New survey published to see if industry is ready for BIM revolution

A major new survey is underway to see how “BIM ready” the construction industry really is.

A survey has been designed to highlight the real take up of BIM within companies, with the deadline fast approaching for BIM Level 2 engagement to help companies win centrally procured contracts.

The Electrical Contractors’ Association has launched the survey which is now backed by a host of trade bodies. Continue reading

The changing demographic of the construction site

In the UK, construction accounts for 6% of the economy and it still remains the most dangerous land based work sector. The output is expected to steadily rise over the next five year however; this post-recession pick up is starting to pose a whole different set of health and safety threats.

The changing demographic of the construction site

Research by QBE recently revealed that almost 7 in 10 firms are planning to recruit additional skilled staff in the next twelve months; however half of these firms are concerned about the availability of fully trained employees.

The construction site demographic is changing, and as a result; there are a considerable amount of older workers as well as an increase in foreign labourers, and with this comes additional health and safety challenges.

ONS figures show that 35,000 construction workers are aged 55 and above, therefore it is inevitable that the physically demanding work combined with the normal effects of ageing can lead to premature physical decline. Therefore in order to capitalise on their experience, more firms are now ensuring that older and more skilled workers stay on to guide and train the younger ones, therefore putting them in less physically demanding work. Continue reading

Construction Industry enters third year of growth

The construction industry has entered its third year of growth as the recovery shows no signs of slowing down.

Construction Industry

According to the Construction Products Association’s latest Construction Trade Survey, skills shortages and rising wages are the only major clouds on the horizon. The survey showed construction firms reporting their ninth consecutive quarter of growth.

Dr Noble Francis, Economics Director at the Construction Products Association, said:

“Firms across the whole construction supply chain, including building contractors, SMEs, specialist contractors, civil engineers and product manufacturers all reported rises in output during Q2.

“Continuing the trend since recovery emerged in mid-2013, growth in output was led by the private housing sector, in which 43% of firms, on balance, reported a rise in output.

“Increased output was also reported in private commercial, the largest construction sector, where 18% of firms, on balance, reported rising volumes of offices and retail work. Continue reading

Battle of Britain: Flypast for 75th anniversary of ‘Hardest Day’

Later today, Aircraft including 6 Spitfires and 18 Hurricanes will fly over the south of England to mark the 75th Anniversary since the Battle of Britain’s “Hardest Day”. battle of britain memorial

On 18th August 1940, Biggin Hill came under attack from the Luftwaffe and this day became known as the “Hardest Day”, when the greatest loss of life was recorded by both sides during the Battle of Britain.

The commemoration will honour those lost during the Battle of Britain which lasted throughout the Summer of 1940 and was the first major battle fought entirely in the air.

Throughout the day, three flight formations will take place including the Hamlyn flight which will see eight aircraft fly over Sevenoaks, Yalding, Ashford, the former RAF Hawkinge with a special salute over the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-Le-Ferne on the white cliffs of Dover.

Visqueen Building Products are proud to have supplied products to the stunning and emotive build of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust project ‘The Wing’.

The Wing

The Spitfire inspired development, aptly named ‘The Wing’ provides a high-tech, immersive experience and learning centre for visitors to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust at the Capel-le-Ferne site.

During the preliminary stages of the build, the Visqueen team provided technical knowledge and expertise in specifying the correct damp protection system in accordance with building regulations.

Find out more about the project here.

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