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MKM Building Supplies’ Hull branch joins Visqueen Damp Protection Centre network

We are proud to welcome the latest merchant to join the network of our Damp Protection Centres, MKM Building Supplies Hull.

We work with a network of national and independent builder’s merchants and stockists, who supply their range of damp protection products and accessories to customers throughout the UK.

To further expand and enhance our distribution network, we have partnered with MKM Building Supplies based in Hull. MKM Building supplies now has four branches throughout the UK that supply the full Visqueen Damp Protection Range including Zedex damp proof courses, damp proof membranes, gas barriers and protective sheeting products to customers across the UK at the best available rates.

Phil Bull, Sales Director at Visqueen Building Products, commented,

“We’re delighted to welcome another branch of MKM Building Supplies to our distribution network. They are the 15th merchant to confirm their commitment as a Visqueen Damp Protection centre, which will ensure customers will have the convenience of a one-stop shop for the complete Visqueen damp protection range, at the best prices and with a knowledgeable team available to assist.” Continue reading

Visqueen Building Products’ BIM objects now available via the NBS National BIM Library

We are proud to announce the launch of 26 BIM objects which are now accessible to architects and other specifiers via the NBS National BIM Library

Visqueen BIM

The NBS National BIM Library is the fastest growing BIM library in the UK and contains thousands of generic and manufacturer BIM objects from leading UK and global manufacturers.  BIM objects are construction product information presented in a 3D format. They are available to download free of charge and are authored by NBS technical experts.

A total of 26 BIM objects from us are now available via the NBS National BIM Library. Full product specification and information can also be downloaded from our corporate website here.

Our BIM objects have been created to comply with the NBS BIM Object Standard, a global standard providing high quality BIM objects by providing a common data set to drive collaboration and consistency.

The NBS National BIM Library provides an extensive range of mechanical and electrical generic objects. Selecting BIM objects is fast and simple and they can be dragged and dropped directly into your model. No other BIM library can match the content on NBS National BIM Library. Continue reading

Pile Cap waterproofing with Visqueen GX Flexi HC Barrier

Pile Cap waterproofingVisqueen Pile Cap Sealer is a specialised formulation for use within ground pile caps. The system can be used in basements as described in BS8102:2009.

When applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals react with the free lime and moisture within the concrete to form in depth, insoluble crystals which fill and block all capillaries, fissures, pores and minor cracks within the concrete; effectively making the concrete watertight for the lifetime of the structure.

In this video we demonstrate how to apply Visqueen Pile Cap Sealer and Visqueen Waterstops to a concrete pile.

The tools of the trade required for this installation are; a bucket of fresh water, an emulsion paint brush, a water dispenser, a pair of disposable protective gloves for the water stop installation and a low speed drill for the mixing process. Continue reading

Sharp increase in number of new construction companies

More construction firms are opening than closing for the first time since the financial crisis.

Accounting specialists, NoPalaver Group, released latest figures which show a net increase in the number of new construction companies being set up.

There was a net gain of 5,445 construction businesses in 2013 compared to a net loss of 7,030 construction firms the year before.

In total, 38,335 new construction firms opened in the year to December 31st 2013 – 31% more than the previous year.

Graham Jenner, Director at NoPalaver, said:

“These figures suggest that the construction industry has finally reached a tipping point in its fortunes, with the number of new businesses being created on the up and the number closing their doors going down.”

Image Reference Construction Enquirer

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