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Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane, the high performance HDPE Geomembrane

Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane is an advanced HDPE geomembrane with a textured surface that’s engineered to provide adhesion to cast concrete.

A high performance basement waterproofing system that provides a continuous bond to poured concrete in below ground structures and applications.

VBPAdditionally it acts as a barrier to hazardous ground gases and hydrocarbon contamination; it is specified for major projects throughout the UK.

Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane is designed to protect a substructure more effectively from the ingress of water, vapour and ground gases. Unlike the smooth surfaced traditional damp proof membranes, the textured surface of Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane ensures that poured concrete effectively bonds to the membrane surface, removing the risk of tracking between the waterproofing and the structure it is designed to protect.

The membrane can withstand normal on-site foot traffic and the activities associated with the laying of a reinforced concrete slab without the need for additional membrane protection. In addition, when applied with welded joints the membrane can provide protection against hydrostatic water pressure.

Visqueen Pre Applied Membrane can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Slab edges and retaining walls including shutter work.
  • Tanking below ground structures e.g. basements, lift pits, foundations, underground parking
  • Heavy duty reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated brownfield sites.

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Visqueen Building Products Stocking Centre Training Days

Throughout the year Visqueen hosts a number of training days for their approved Specification Stocking Centres and suppliers of Visqueen products.


The one day training courses are based at various sites around the country and allow suppliers of Visqueen products to come together to learn more about Visqueen products and their key features and benefits.

The training enables branch managers and their teams to gain a broader understanding of the product range and the correct applications for each. Training such as this is instrumental for builders merchants as it provides them with the knowledge and expertise to make sound recommendations and in turn provide a service of excellence to all of their customers in recommending the correct products for their project requirements.

To find out more about our training days or to register your interest, please email or call Visqueen on 0845 302 4758.

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3 mountains, 7 trekkers, 24 hours, 1 great cause

On 28th June 2014, seven walkers from Visqueen, aka The Polytrekkers, completed the infamous 3 Peaks Challenge, climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in 23 hours and 30 minutes! The Polytrekker team drivers managed to safely chauffeur everyone between the mountains as well as providing some much needed hot food between mountains. Summit of Scafell

The Polytrekkers battled fatigue, extreme hayfever and aching muscles to raise money for Cancer Research UK. So far the climb has raised over £4,200. If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause you can still sponsor the team through our Just Giving page Continue reading